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Khushi control system are now sales and service of L& T Ac Drive #CX2000# in ahmedabad. Also we repair CX2000 Ac drive in very nominal charge. Also we sales And Service of L& T make Ac Drive SX2000. L& T Ac drive is used all of industrial Machines Manufacturers And it's model is CX2000 Ac Drive. And SX2000 Ac Drive FX2000 Ac Drive dealer in Ahmedabad. Ex2000 is used to Fan & Pump application LX2000 is used to spacial Elevator . in-ahmedabad.-also-we-repair-cx2000-ac-drive-in-very-nominal-charge.-also-we-sales-and-service-of-l&-t-make-ac-drive-sx2000. l&-t-ac-drive-is-used-all-of-industrial-machines-manufacturers-and-it's-model-is-cx2000-ac-drive. and-sx2000-ac-drive-fx2000-ac-drive-dealer-in-ahmedabad. ex2000-is-used-to-fan-&-pump-application-lx2000-is-used-to-spacial-elevator-./b23
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